An Idea I’ve been tossing around in my head…

For so long Cara had fought against him. He was evil, he was dark, he was everything she stood against, but he was soo fucking gorgeous. Damian, demon extraordinare, the entity that had pursued the Goddess of love and light through out the centuries. He was always trying to persuade her that joining with him wouldn’t be the end of the world. That together they would be the power couple to over throw their masters and make any realm they wanted a better place.

Everytime she had rejected him. Cara stood her ground time after time. She would band together with her Angel Guardian Christian and force Damian and his shape shifter companion Sasha out of control of the realms. Cara was a strong firece warrior for her cause and keeping the realm safe. So why did this time feel different? Why was Damian’s plea for her help and her hand so appealing?

Did they dare let history play out as it had every time like Cara believed it was supposed to? Or did she dare to trust the demon this time and see where a different choice would take her? Would it really end this realm if she heard Damian out? Or had Christian and the Goddess been lying to her this entire time?

Only time will tell and The Goddess of love and light has a hard choice to make. Play it safe and follow her head or take a chance and follow her heart?

(just an idea I’m playing with)

~The Incidental Scribe

June 23 2018.

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