Birthday Thoughts

Published July 12, 2016 by Incidental Scribe

Time never stops it keeps on growing

Even when these old bones are screaming and moaning

Life should be lived like it’s a wild ride

There are way too many things I want to do before I die

Another year passes and I’m working the grind

Can’t escape the routine it’s gonna eat me alive

Little steps do something new everyday

So when my time comes I can say I did it my way
~The Incidental Scribe

The Filter

Published June 29, 2016 by Incidental Scribe

Oh yes, I can take off years, but are you really seeing me. Does this face tell the story of my life or the experience you should see? What if I was to tone it down? How would the next picture be?

More lines and blemishes still this could take a while. I’m not made of plastic or a painting with Mona Lisa’s smile. What if there was no filter? Would I still be in style?

There are my laugh lines and freckles, all the things that make me real. This is the face that does not let others say how I should look or feel. So ladies if you’re with me stop these beauty ills.

Summer Blues

Published June 19, 2016 by Incidental Scribe

I love summer. I love sunshine and warm days. Yet it is not even offically summer here and I’m all ready sad.

It’s too darn hot! I feel like people who deny climate change should have to sit out in the sun and humidity for hours on end until they agree that our summers in Canada are certainly getting hotter and hotter. For someone like me who walks to work and risks getting heat stroke, the elderly and anyone with breathing issues this weather poses a major risk.

We need to start working harder on a way to reverse the damage on our Ozone. We can’t keep hoping other generations will solve this problem. Because the world will burn before they get the chance. I don’t want to have the summer blues any longer.

So who is with me? Lower our carbon foot print. Invest in environmental research. There is so much we can do. It’s time to take a larger stand.

~ The Incidental Scribe


You Don’t What You’ve Got Til It’s Gone

Published May 31, 2016 by Incidental Scribe

Oh I am so sorry I ever took my pinky toe for granted. I never really thought about it, until I stubbed it hard enough this weekend that I caused a hairline fracture. The constant pain I am now in is a reminder that we had it very good.

Now I’m not blaming anyone other then myself. I was the fool who didn’t pay enough attention to you. Now that you are all swollen and purple I regret not giving you more pedicures and foot rubs. I promise my darling toe to treat you right from now on.

I promise to watch where I walk. I will paint you pretty colours. I will celebrate you in all your balancing glory. You have my word that once you are healed I shall never mistreat you again.

~ The Incidental Scribe



Published May 21, 2016 by Incidental Scribe

Time is all that stands between us
As I sit here pondering life
Tick tock goes the clock
And still you have not arrived
I just wait and wait for you to show
And fill the depths of my soul
Oh delivery driver please hurry up
I’m hungry….that is all

~ The Incidental Scribe

I’m Alive

Published May 17, 2016 by Incidental Scribe

Hello readers,

I apologize immensely for not writing in a coons age, but man have I been busy living life. So in my attempt to dedicate myself to getting back into my writing projects I’m going to kick things off with an update of what I’ve been doing. So without further ado here is what the scribe has been up to.

One of the most important things I have done is finished my 18 months therapy program. For those of you who have read all of my posts you will remember that I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in November of 2014. So I am proud to say that I stuck with the mentalization based therapy and although there is no “cure” I am off all anxiety and depression medications. I am also able to control myself better when derailed by emotion. I am going to miss the people I was in the group with. Yet I really do feel like I am a stronger person then I was going into this. I want to thank my Dr, my councilors and my friends and family for helping get through this and supporting me as I became the woman I wanted to be.

With the help from the therapy program I found the courage to enroll in a college prep program. I upgraded my math, chemistry, biology and physics marks. Sometimes it was frustrating as hell and I wanted to throw in the towel, but I stuck with it and got great marks too. Marks high enough for me to not only apply, but to be accepted for the biotechnology course at St Lawrence College. It’s a heavy science program that before I never would have imagined I’d get in, so I was ecstatic when I received my acceptance letter.

But now I needed way more money for tution and living expenses so I got a second job. I’m still DJing and hosting karaoke which I love. The days I’m not doing that I’m a sandwich artist at
Subway.  It is interesting work and I’m learning a lot about food prep and the fast food industry. I do enjoy the job for the most part and it keeps me extremely busy.

The only downside is that OSAP might not give me a student loan and the banks have all ready said no due to some bad finsncial issues 4 years ago. I have a contingency plan though, I’ll just work both jobs and then apply again next year. Hopefully the free tution program Ontario is trying to create will be running then and I won’t have to worry about loans. I am too happy with myself that I have gotten this far to allow a bump in the road to bring me down.

In my down time I’ve been trying to get my fishing gear ready for bass fishing season, still play video games, read and do crafty things. Oh and I take care of my dog! My parents gave Lister my 11 year old Boston Terrier back to me finally. So the boyfriend and I have a happy furry face to greet us around the apartment again. That’s my life these days in a nutshell.

So I hope to post some more creative pieces for you soon and thank you for waiting for my return so patiently. Hugs and love to all.

~ The Incidental Scribe




Published February 8, 2016 by Incidental Scribe

I run the water so that my main element is represented.  I like to run it very warm as I feel that is how my aura reflects, warm and comforting.

I burn the sage so wind is represented in the smoke.  Also to banish any evil spirits and cleanse any negativity from my aura.

I light the candles so fire is represented.  I pick nice smelling ones to help relax my mind.  Gingerbread and sugar cookie are tonight’s choice.

I drink tea to represent earth.  Non traditional I know, but it was the only thing I had on hand.  Tea leaves grow on plants,  the plants grow into the ground and connect with the earth.  So it works and besides it’s a yummy option.

Then all that’s left to do is sink into the nice warm bath,  breath in the wonderful aromas and slowly sip on my tea.  All the while relaxing my mind and asking the Goddess to watch over my friends and family.  I also request that once again, if she would be so kind as to illuminate my path for me so I do not get lost in all the chaos around me.

As always I pledge myself to her and the God. I give up my tribute to the elements and thank her for being there for me. Then I sit alone in the silence and self reflect.

Sometimes she answers during the ritual and sometimes in my dreams.  Yet she always assures me my non conventional ways amuse her.  Sometimes she does not answer at all and those are the nights I know I have to find the answers myself.  But, no matter what happens,  as I will it so shall it be.

Blessed Be

~ The Incidental Scribe