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Eternal Twilight

Published October 2, 2017 by Incidental Scribe

As the sun sets her weary head and the moon prepares his brightest smile

It is between these phases of the day that I contemplate life for awhile

My soul wants to run like a lupine to gnash its teeth and howl at the moon

To dance over streams and prowl through the forest but the sun she awakes too soon

The night calls to me like a vampire softly begging me to come and play

And why not I ask when I work all night and sleep my life away all day

My heart it yearns for adventure to escape along cool foggy streets

Or perhaps just a wild passionate thrill ride between some black silky sheets

The supernatural and dark appeal to me with their mysterious and twisted ways

As twilight comes every fiber of my being prepares for our favourite time of day.

Because I kno when my feet are weary and my mind decides it’s time to roam

I can always follow the raven wherever he files because he knows just how to lead me home

~The Incidental Scribe


Day 3 of the 3 Day Quote Challenge.

Published June 25, 2015 by Incidental Scribe

I chose this next quote as my last one because #1 it comes from a song and #2 the message is very relevant to a lot of people from my past.

“Bandaids don’t fix bullet holes.” Taylor Swift

I’m a huge T Swift fan, I have to admit it. Her writing reaches me on a deep level. This line here she’s saying words like I’m sorry won’t undo the damage of your previous actions.  Now the rest of the song does suggest if you do things to heal the mistakes then it could be repairable.

The line just hits me. Because I am a giving person and a people pleaser with my BPD and a few people from my past used me and abused me and thought saying sorry would always get them back in my good graces to do it again.  With taking the mentalization based therapy (MBT) I have learned that I deserve better and sometimes pleasing others is only hurting myself.

So I lost four “friends” last summer who hurt me and  I told them saying sorry wouldn’t work this time. They didn’t want to change their behaviors though so I had to cut my ties.  It hurt, but I would heal faster from this big wound than the constant little ones. 

Sometimes you have to realize that bandages only cover wounds they don’t heal them. So if you have toxic people in your life stop covering up their wounds and do something to get properly healed.  You deserve better too.

~ The Incidental Scribe