A Seed of Hope

Last year, at this time, I was a mess. I had lost my best friend of 13 years, my fur baby. Yes I had to put down my dog Lister. I was an emotional wreck and trying to pull myself back together. The vet had sent me a card and when I finally got to opening it there was a beautiful poem about the Rainbow Bridge and a sheet of Forget Me Not seeds. This kind gesture helped a little and I thought planting these flowers will be a nice way to remember him.

Forgetting completely that I do not have a green bone in my body, let alone a green thumb, I set out to get a planter set up on my balcony. With my bucket of soil and seed paper in hand I was ready to tackle this task. Now don’t get me wrong, I knew I had to water it and make sure it got plenty of sun, but that was the maximum knowledge I had about gardening. I felt like the soil needed some fertilizer and thought to myself compost makes a great fertilizer, but I didn’t have a compost heap. Being a McGyver type every now and then my next thought was I’ll just burry my used tea bags in the dirt around the paper and it will surely get the nutrients from that.

A few weeks later something started to grow. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see the pretty flowers I had received to honour my puppy. A few more days passed and yet there were no flowers to be found. Our area had a really wet spring. My theory is that my poor Forget Me Nots drowned in one or two of our storms. Then what, pray tell, was growing out of my pot?

I started doing research on my plant. I would take pictures of it growing and try to compare it to plants online. Then suddenly it hits me, what if this is from the tea bags? Sure enough Googling tea leaves brought me right to pictures of my plant. Now to figure out what kind of tea I had inadvertently grown. This turn of events made me laugh because Lister didn’t like flowers anyways.

After a few more weeks of growth we had determined it was green tea. The little plant did well and I was able to harvest over ten cups of tea from it. This got me pondering about what other kinds of edibles I could try to grow. I asked for some herbs over Christmas and received as a lovely gift a herb gardening kit and a full out balcony flower kit for this year.

The last few weeks have brought a lot of changes to my work schedule and my life feels really hectic right now but, I have kept focusing on my use of language. I’ve noticed a huge shift in my positivity lately by not complaining, being aware of explitives in my daily conversations and in the end it has really helped me get back to feeling like myself. Now I still have work to do as I need to pay more attention to the tone of my voice, but I feel like these plants are going to help me.

My experiment is going to include talking and using music to help the plants grow. I have planted the herbs as they will be fine inside for a while. The flowers I will start at the end of March and hopefully my thumb will start to turn a little greener. By talking to the plants and focusing on my tone, I am trying to create a zen space. A place where for 5 minutes I can relax and really ground myself and my thoughts and feel slightly connected to the Earth.

I will let you know how my progress grows with this blog and will have some more poems and fictional work up here for you to read. I’m at the stage in my life where I’m really trying to focus on balance and time management because life is about experiences and not the work you do to enjoy those experiences. I am lucky that I get to follow my passion and I have the ability to make time for myself, my friends and my family.

All things considered I feel that I have finally planted the seeds of Hope for 2018 and that it will be my time to shine. Thank you for reading my tale and as I always say, “keep on dreaming.” I know in my heart it is the dreamers that will change this world.

~ The Incidental Scribe

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