Food for Thought

I really love to eat! I exclaim my voice filled with excitement. I know this isn’t the normal response people expect when they ask me to list my hobbies. It is however one that cannot be ignored. For when I wake up I’m making lists in my head of all the wonderful, exciting, mouth watering things I will be able to enjoy throughout the day. If you want to make my night a spontaneous trip out to get snacks or dessert will put me into ecstasy.

I really love to eat! Ask me a favourite memory and I’ll regale you with stories from my childhood, when we would plant a vegetable garden in the spring. All season I would wait in breathless anticipation for that year’s harvest to be ready. I can still taste the cucumbers and green beans fresh off the vine. My poor father would have to remind me that he would like to be able to take some in for mom to cook. Being in town now I don’t get to plant my own garden anymore, but I still get excited shopping for fresh produce.

I really love to eat! Searching through recipe books and websites looking at all the endless possibilities of meals I could make. Salivating while I discover I have the ingredients to try to take of some of these dishes and make them my own. Perfecting my baking, broiling, roasting or slow cooking skills gives me a thrill like no other. Sharing my creations with others gives me a sense of pride. Mainly I’m just excited to mow down with them after slaving away in front of the stove.

I really love to eat! I make sandwiches for a living, but I’m always curious where my company is getting its ingredients. Or discovering what is actually in a particular bread, is the tuna sustainably fished, do we get produce from our own country? Yes…good because these things are important to me. I want to be able to enjoy these foods for a long time and protecting our environment will play a huge part in that. When I get my free meal at the end of the day I want to know it was made with wholesome goodness. Look at my history and understand my passion because when you ask me why I care don’t be surprised by the answer...

I really love to eat!

~ The Incidental Scribe

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