The Journey to Rewire my Brain

I have to admit I’ve been feeling down lately. I’ve been cyncial, jaded and just an all around negative nelly. This is not who I normally am, so I decided it was time to take a step back and figure out why I was in such a state.

The first thing I wanted to focus on was my language. The way we speak and the things we say actually effects our brains. Just like the words we hear can change the way we think. I needed to start rewiring my brain and the only way to do it was to start at the basics.

I wanted to capture my progress as I feel I may have to look back on these methods many times. It is easy with so many thoughts being thrown at us via social media to have our brains go out of alignment. I want a reminder to myself that I can get back to a happier more positive me. So today was day one of this journey and I have all ready discovered so much.

First and foremost I noticed I swear a lot. Now I’m all for using explitives when needed, but I don’t know when I started using them as every day sentence fillers. I feel the negativity of swear words taints my sentences and may put others on edge. To start the rewiring process if I swore I tried to find a word to replace it. If there wasn’t one then I noted to myself that the curse word was not needed. This also became a linguist exercise as I tried to find more words in my vocabulary to fill the spaces swearing had created. Swearing wasn’t the only culprit I found today.

The second negative language faux pas I discovered was using insults in a joking manner. Calling people names has become acceptable as a means of joking with friends, yet it seems to me we are still being hurtful. Calling my fiance an idiot because he said something I don’t agree with is not funny. It’s not endearing at all. This is another form of communication we’ve become brain washed into accepting. All my friends and the characters on TV talk to each other this way, why shouldn’t I? The reason is it all comes down to respect. If you truly care about someone and respect them you shouldn’t call them names period. When I felt like calling them a name I paused, thought is it necessary and tried to find a sentence to communicate what I was feeling when I wanted to “jokingly” insult them.

Lastly for today another huge effect on my thought process is complaining. Sometimes I see or hear people complaining and then I will start complaining to feel like I’m part of the group. When really I should be turning my frustrations into appreciative thoughts. For example the weather was pretty horrible today. So yes I acknowledged that I was frustrated having to walk in it to work. I can’t change the weather so complaining about it will do me no good. Instead I thought at least it’s warm so the walk isn’t too bad. By turning the thought into an appreciative thought it made my walk so much better.

There are things I complain about that I can change and I realized that I have two options when it comes to those matters. I can either change them or live with them. Complaining about them will not make them any better. We need to just stop being negative because let’s be honest…no one wants to hear it.

These are just a few of the issues I noticed with my thought process and speech today. I’m hoping to keep working on them tomorrow and tackling new ones as they arrive. I will also keep you up to date on any new progress I see within myself. So wish me luck because the more good vibes there are out there the better this world will be.

~ The Incidental Scribe

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