The Look

You see me. As I stand in this crowded space with everyone clamouring for attention, you don’t just look at me you see me.

The instant you walk in the room I feel you. It’s like an instant connection, your soul calls to mine. Mine responds and in that instant the rest of the world slips away.

This isn’t love. I’m not some school girl who has a crush. This is deeper, this is two hearts beating perfectly in time. Two souls dancing together to music no one else hears. Two beings trying to remember some part of a past life that has bound them together.

In reality the party is over, the music has died, the lights are on and everybody is leaving. As the one I am here with hands me my coat and your partner grabs your arm, you cast me one last glance. The moment is over and although I try to grasp it one more time. There is no going back. We’ve past the point of no return.

Our time is done.
Did you feel the same thing? Or did I imagine it all? I’ll never know… reality trumps the dream. You have your life and I have mine. Our souls may meet again, but in this life they must be apart. Our hearts are spoken for. The next time we run into each other please don’t look at me.

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