Summer Blues

I love summer. I love sunshine and warm days. Yet it is not even officially summer here and I’m all ready sad.

It’s too darn hot! I feel like people who deny climate change should have to sit out in the sun and humidity for hours on end until they agree that our summers in Canada are certainly getting hotter and hotter. For someone like me who walks to work and risks getting heat stroke, the elderly and anyone with breathing issues this weather poses a major risk.

We need to start working harder on a way to reverse the damage on our Ozone. We can’t keep hoping other generations will solve this problem. Because the world will burn before they get the chance. I don’t want to have the summer blues any longer.

So who is with me? Lower our carbon foot print. Invest in environmental research. There is so much we can do. It’s time to take a larger stand.

~ The Incidental Scribe


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