I run the water so that my main element is represented.  I like to run it very warm as I feel that is how my aura reflects, warm and comforting.

I burn the sage so wind is represented in the smoke.  Also to banish any evil spirits and cleanse any negativity from my aura.

I light the candles so fire is represented.  I pick nice smelling ones to help relax my mind.  Gingerbread and sugar cookie are tonight’s choice.

I drink tea to represent earth.  Non traditional I know, but it was the only thing I had on hand.  Tea leaves grow on plants,  the plants grow into the ground and connect with the earth.  So it works and besides it’s a yummy option.

Then all that’s left to do is sink into the nice warm bath,  breath in the wonderful aromas and slowly sip on my tea.  All the while relaxing my mind and asking the Goddess to watch over my friends and family.  I also request that once again, if she would be so kind as to illuminate my path for me so I do not get lost in all the chaos around me.

As always I pledge myself to her and the God. I give up my tribute to the elements and thank her for being there for me. Then I sit alone in the silence and self reflect.

Sometimes she answers during the ritual and sometimes in my dreams.  Yet she always assures me my non conventional ways amuse her.  Sometimes she does not answer at all and those are the nights I know I have to find the answers myself.  But, no matter what happens,  as I will it so shall it be.

Blessed Be

~ The Incidental Scribe



  1. Good post. You could have also just ground up dirt for your tea. Its how unicorns take it. But then again, we have magical tastebuds that make everything taste like whatever we want. Most of my food tastes like cinnamon buns.

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