Night And Day

My good friend Ed Hall wrote this next poem and I just had to share it.


Whats night? darkness, cold and gloomy because of this darkness? void of joy and hailed territory only owned by the Sandman? what is a day? bright skies and open eye’s right? picture the word night, look at the N, now look at IGHT, Night is only one more day but with “no light” what is night? why do the lights turn off at it’s start? cause the darkness reminds us we still, no matter the trial, the chaos and the rough nights spent up, we are still trekking, still breathing in the peace and tranquility of a new beginning and a new brightness towards a future which is always, said and known as…the next DAY.

copyright Ed Hall August 2015


This poem struck a chord with me because despite it’s seemingly gloomy out look of night, it is actually optimistic about the next day dawning. The saying goes it’s always darkest before the dawn and I honestly believe that. At this stage in my life I’m very focused on balance and the contrast of day and night really resonates within my soul.

If we think about it, with out dark we would have no comprehension of light. With out evil how could we ever expect to understand what good was? You can’t actually think you would know you were feeling happy if you never knew what it was to feel sad. As it goes in Ed’s poem, we need the nights to be thankful for the days.

If this balance did not exist humanity would forever be lost in a world of grey. No great accomplishments or defeats, no passion or depression, no good or bad and definitely no love or hate. We’d shuffle along like unfeeling, uncaring robots. We wouldn’t see the world around us because nothing would be beautiful or ugly. We’d have no reason to laugh or cry and certainly feel no compulsion to help others find reasons to do so. Creativity would disappear and all the wonderful books, artworks, songs and technology along with it. Humanity as a whole would have no reason to better itself.

With my Borderline Personality Disorder I have always lived in the extremes when it comes to my emotions and expectations in life. Therapy is helping me find my middle ground, learning to live in the grey. But I wouldn’t want to stay there all the time as life would be too boring with out the extreme contrasts of balances. I want to be able to smile and say sure it’s night, but day time is coming. Learning to appreciate the sunrise, dawn, daylight, sunset, dusk, twilight, and night is really what life is all about. So learn to love the contrasts in life, but remember there is so many degrees in between and that traveling between the two is where life happens.


~ The Incidental Scribe






  1. Beautiful post and picture. I do understand the role relative, comparative reference points play in helping us realize the qualities of a thing. However, I find myself increasingly questioning the need for evil in order to understand good. I think we are faced with natural, not evil, but natural challenges to our existence which we have to learn to overcome. These challenges, or problems, I think create a sufficient contrast to “good” (or things that help us be well). Evil, to me, is a conscious, deliberate effort to harm us. Harm is harm whether it happens to us due to our lack of awareness of the natural phenomenon we’re working with or by design. It’s the reality of “harm” that contrasts “good”. We have plenty of natural challenges which threaten harm to overcome, I don’t think we need entities which intend us harm to realize “good”.

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    • I appreciate your thoughts. It’s always nice to see another perspective. I understand where you are coming from. Really good and evil could be concepts we’ve created to label the ways of natural kindness and intent to harm. The same can be said about right and wrong

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