Balancing Act

Torn conflicted and confused
This world has left me broken and bruised
The light at the end of the tunnel I seek
Leaves others saying I’m just being weak
But how can something that makes me smile
Be wrong and only last a while
Why are you sure you’re oh so right
When you’re not the one kissing me goodnight
I knew this was fleeting from the start
But dammit all you stole my heart
I’ll be judged by those I love
Yet the goddess will bless me from above
True I get the best of both worlds
In most eyes I’m one hell of a lucky girl
Please don’t push me away don’t let me go
You’re more important than you’ll ever know
Because as I lose the ones who gave me birth
You are showing me who I am and my worth
You say you love me for me yet drift away
I fear I’m losing you everyday
So please hold me as I fall apart
Try to mend my torn and shattered heart
Because I can’t help wanting to walk the line
I need you and her for everything to be fine.
Yes I said I’ll shout it out loud
I am who I am you can’t change me I’m me and I’m proud.


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