Me and Harley

For those you who do not know, I am a HUGE Harley Quinn fan. You know Joker’s quirky female side kick from the Batman comics. Yet I couldn’t help reading some of her lines today and wondering why I am so into her character?

When you break it down she’s a horrible role model for little girls.  She helps Joker steal and kill, which is bad in itself.  But the worst part is she let’s him talk down to her, beat her with in an inch of her life, leave her for dead  and treat her worse than dirt. Yet, she’ll take him back and defend Joker with her life all because she is in love with him. Talk about the wrong message to send to teenage girls.

To be fair Harley has come a long way. In her newer Suicide Squad she finds a new man Deadshot and her own Harley comics she finds new men. Yet they are always criminals assassins or bad boys. So she’s still got a long way to go. Yet I can relate to Harley, I have felt like I was so in love with someone that I was blind to the horrible way he was treating me. I’m the kind of girl who will do anything for her “puddin” and it won’t matter if everyone else says I deserve better.

At least Harley has her gal pal Poison Ivy, who we find out in the Gotham City Sirens comics is in love with Harley. Ivy is always there for Harley though, picking up the pieces and sometimes literally putting her back together after a Joker break up. Ivy is her rock, patiently trying to tell Harley she deserves to be truly loved and appreciated. Even if Harley will never love her the same way, Ivy is content to be besties with her and just be in her life. Who knew villains could feel so deeply?

I love Harley too. She’s quirky, funny, cute and she can be bad as when she wants to be. She’s not dumb, she graduated and was Dr. Harleen Quinzel. I think I just relate to her being this smart girl who was easily swayed by her emotions to fall off the right path. Letting what she thought was love control her actions was her biggest mistake. Now she’s trying to get back on track, but I mean it’s hard to do. Joker messed her up pretty bad, but I think she can do it.

In the end it’s about being true to herself and making choices for herself. Not Ivy, not Joker and not some other partner. No Harley needs to make her choices and changes for herself. So why can I give this kind of advice to a comic character and not follow it myself? Because I know it’s easier said than done. I also know that listening to my own advice never happens. I’m working on it though and like Harley I have a ton of potential.

I just have to keep on growing. One thing that will never change is my love for Harley Quinn even if she’s a bad role model. Harley Quinn has taught me a lot about myself and as I think of ways the writers could make her better and stronger, I’m also pondering how to do that for myself.

~ The Incidental Scribe



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