Country Music

As my boyfriend’s mother drove us to her house and back this weekend,  I couldn’t help but notice the music she was listening to. Her genre of choice was country and not this new fangled booze fest country, but the classic country my mother listened to when I was little.  I guess it would have been considered new country back then.

The songs really took me back. I still remembered the artists and the words.  I just sat in the back of the truck and let the melodies take me back in time. Travis Tritt,  Reba MacIntyre,  Garth Brooks and Dolly Parton were a few of the great performers I got to listen to.  I haven’t really listened to country like that in a long time. The lyrics are soulful, the melodies sad yet powerful and all together good quality music without a lot of processing.

In my mind I was back on those long road trips with my mom, dad and sister.  Singing along to the radio or country cassette as we played car trip games like eye spy or license plate bingo.  Our summer vacation was always a blast with stops at the World’s largest anything and tons of tourist attractions.  The music keeping us entertained as we made the long trek between campgrounds and rest stops.

Eric Church sings it best with,  Ain’t it funny how melody sounds like memory? ” In truth a tune can take us through many memories and feelings.  I’m glad these country songs remind me of fun summers and the love my family has for each other. If you’d like to share a time a song has made you remember something please do so in the comments.  I’d love to hear your melody/memory tales.

~ The Incidental Scribe


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