The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


I am really pleased to be nominated for another blogging award in only a short amount of time. It really fills my heart with gladness that I do seem to be reaching people out there in the bloggesphere. I want to thank A Gentle Kindness for her nomination check out one of her blogs here

Without further ado here are the rules:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.  Done! Please visit her site in the link above.

2. Post the award image to your page. See the top of this post please and thank ya.

3. Share 7 facts about yourself. See below for those fun facts.

4. Nominate Blogs you find inspiring. Please check out all the blogs I’ve nominated below as I think they are truly awesome.

Now on to my 7 facts about myself and I’ll try not to duplicate any from my Versatile Blogger award I had finished a couple weeks back.

1. I love to read. All sorts of books from romance to fantasy. I find reading is a gift that should be passed on through each generation as reading and writing are two very important skills to have. Tools that you will use throughout your entire life. So pick up a book, magazine or hey one of the great blogs I’m going to nominate and read.

2. My favorite animals are dogs for domesticated and Elephants for wild. Dogs to me make the best pets because they are loving, loyal and very intelligent creatures. Elephants are amazing large creatures with a great maternal society. I find them beautiful and majestic. All animals deserve respect though and should be protected.

3. I want to become a better writter. I enjoy blogging and I love working on different writing projects. I find that there is always room for improvement though. I feel I should improve for myself as the more I learn and improve the better my brain capacity becomes.

4. I am going through therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder. In the last six months I’ve seen huge improvements. Only 12 months left to go. I don’t think this condition defines who I am though. I think I shall still be me when all is said and done, but I’ll be better at handling my feelings and reactions to those around me. I hope by being honest about this I can help others with the same condition.

5. When it comes to music I listen to everything. I love pop, classic rock and country though. I could listen to those three genres non stop. Yet some days I am in the mood for classical or even heavy metal. This really comes in handy when DJing.

6. I hope to make a difference in the world. Even if it’s just a small one. I really want to leave this world better than I found it. I know that seems like what most people say they want to do, but I’m honest. I don’t want my time to end knowing that there was one act of kindness I could have done or some small difference I could have made.

7. Lastly my eyes can change from blue to green. Usually based on how I’m feeling, but it’s a pretty nifty trick. Just something random about me I thought you’d like to know.

Now it is time for me to choose my nominees. I really think you should check out the following inspiring blogs;

1. Dante Before I Became a Great Writer
2. Tina A Lady Writes 4 You
3. Khristine Part and Parcel 2014
4. All the contributers to The Broken Light Collective
5. Ana Simply Eye

There are so many more great blogs that I follow, but I want to save them for another time. Thanks for reading and I wish you all a good week

~ The Incidental Scribe


  1. Congratulations and thank you. My eyes can appear either blue or green too. A doc explained it to me. Basically I have hazel eyes but they appear either blue or green based on the amount of redness in the white part or my eye and also coupled with what color I happen to be wearing. So they don’t really change color they just appear to be a different color. LOL hows that for a science project?

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