A Healthier Better Me

Taking care of yourself is very important. To have good mental health you also need to have excellent physical health. This is what I am told by every specialist I’ve seen. So I try to follow their advice, but it can be hard sometimes. So I have a few things I do to try to keep a good balance in my life.

First the most important thing I find is drinking lots of water. I used to drink pop and juices a lot in my regular routine, but I only drink them as a treat now. I do have the occasional alcoholic drink as well, but still water is my go to. I find water rejuvenates me like nothing else. It’s good for your skin and your internal organs. So yes the first thing I always pride myself on is drinking lots of water.

The next thing I try to focus on is sleep. My schedule doesn’t allow for a routine sleeping pattern, but I do make up for it by getting the proper amount of sleep when I can. I also listen to my body and when it tells me that it’s tired I try and fit a nap in. I’m not going to be able to stay mentally alerts and able to keep my emotions in check if I’m exhausted. So the nights where insomnia messes with me I try to keep that in mind so I’m not lashing out at those around me because I’m tired.

So the one thing doctors love to push is physical activity.  Now I’m not big on really tough workouts so I tried to find things I could do to stay active that I was comfortable with. I love walking and now that the nice weather is back you’ll see me walking every where instead of taking a bus or cab. I enjoy swimming, but only for recreation.I find it difficult to find the time to get to the beach or pool though. When I do I am like a fish and never want to leave. Lastly I have found that yoga is really great. I love the class and all its taught me. Sadly with my school schedule changing I won’t be able to go to class for the summer, but I’m hoping to find the strength in myself to keep up my practice with the Wii fit for now.

Sure I could eat better, drink less alcohol, work out more and get better sleep, but I am only human. So I am proud of the little things I have done to help keep my body and mind on track. I lost 46 pounds two years ago and I saw a huge improvement in my over all health. Now I have to admit I regained 10 of those pounds in the last year and I have some trouble spots that could use some toning. I still feel I’m taking better care of my body than I did in college. My goal is to keep on trying to improve my over all health.

What kind of things do you do to stay healthy?

~ The Incidental Scribe



  1. To motivate myself I have quotes and watching several exercise videos so I won’t be running out of ideas. I love changes.

    To keep the basic of being healthy, I keep my diet on daily regular basis as it’s not a must thing to do and of course you are right to sleep well. For me getting enough sleep is the hardest thing to do but I try as much as I can.

    Exercise is a must and I do exercise 5-6 times a week except when my body isn’t feeling well or too tired. I love being healthy and it’s a lifestyle for me!

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  2. My biggest motivation is to see how my body reacts to regular exercise, to see how my muscles visibly shape themselves. I don’t go to gym or do muscle building but I practice karate 3 times a week and it’s a bit of a heavy workout each time. I remember when I first noticed my abs shaping up it really motivated me to work out more 🙂


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