Happy Place

The ticking of the old, black and white clock was getting on her nerves. Marnie hated the way each tick pierced the silence of the class room. It distracted her from the pages she was reading. She glanced around the room, but none of the other students seemed bothered by it.

Marnie let out a sigh as she took in her surroundings. Starting at the front of the room, she studied the white wipe board. Marnie observed the smears of black, blue and green dry erase markers that have never been washed off properly. The date was scribbled in the middle of the board in cursive writing, which made Marnie think, ‘who even uses cursive anymore?’ The board was supposed to be clean, but Marnie could make out half written notes and chaos left behind from previous classes.

Next she took a look at the desks. 10 rows of white desks with navy blue computer chairs parked at each one. On top of each desk was a desktop computer tower, a seventeen inch flat screen monitor, a wireless mouse and keyboard. All of the computer gear was black. There wasn’t a lot of color in the room. Even the students, with their heads bent down working away, were mostly in black or white clothing due to the school uniform code.

Marnie couldn’t see out the window from her seat, but she knew the view was just an empty field, filled with burnt grass from the early summer heat. She really didn’t want to be in her seat. She wanted to get out of class and sneak off to her happy place.

She closed her eyes to picture it in her mind. Marnie and her dad had stumbled upon the spot while hiking trough the the woods behind their house two summers ago. They walked out into a huge clearing where a brook ran from one side into this large man made pond and then another brook took the water back out. Marnie’s dad had no clue who had done it or why, but they decided to investigate the pond.

The banks were covered with lush green grass and Catails dotted the shore line around the pond. This indicated that it had been here for some time. Marnie sat down on the edge of the bank and took her shoes and socks off so she could dangle her feet in the water. Instantly her toes were surrounded by minnows. They were swimming out from under clumps of lilly pads.

Her dad pointed out a duck out in the middle that was diving for bigger fish. The sky over head was full of different birds passing through. It was just a lush, serene place that time seemed to have forgotten. As dusk approached a family of deer came out of the woods across the pond to get a drink. Marnie and her dad headed home before it got dark with plans to come back with some fishing poles and cameras the next time.

Marnie smiled and opened her eyes. They had spent so much time fishing, taking pictures of the wildlife and talking together that the pond became the place for Marnie to get away from it all. It was full of vibrant flowers in the spring, lots of animal tracks in the winter and colorful leaf displays in the fall. It wasn’t strile quiet like the class room. The birds sang, bugs hummed and the water and wind laughed with you.

The loud clang of the bell pulled Marnie from her daydream. She quickly gathered up her books and headed for her locker. As she weaved her way through the crowded hall ways towards her bus, she got out her cell phone. She sent one message to her dad. “Hey Dad, wanna go fishing this weekend?”


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