Versatile Blogger Award

I really want to thank partandparcel2014 for the nomination. I try really hard to be versatile with my blog and it tickles me pink that she likes my blog enough to nominate me for this award.

So this is how this blogger award goes.
The rules:
1. Acknowledge the blog that has nominated you.
2. Disclose 7 facts about you.
3. Nominate 15 blogs for the same.

I’ve completed number 1 and shall now move on to number 2 for your entertainment. 7 facts about me you probably do not know yet:
1. I love crafts. I do mainly cross stitch and latch hooking, but I have done a bit of knitting and paper crafts too. I find crafting helps calm my mind and keeps me focus.
2. My favorite color is orange. I love the transitional season of fall that I associate with it. It’s a bright, happy and fun color.
3. I want to become a mother at some point. Not in the near future, but before I’m 35 I think. I want a family and to be able to pass on my knowledge and create new memories with my own flesh and blood. I have so much love to give and I want a family to share it with.
4. I am a hockey fan. I’ve been going to minor league games with my dad since I was eight. I love that the Stanley Cup playoffs are on right now. Though my team, the Toronto Maple Leafs are not in the running for the cup again, I do hope a Canadian team wins this year.
5. When it comes to food I’d have to say I’m a dessert fan. I believe life is too short not to enjoy dessert so I try to get some whenever I can. Ice cream, jello, brownies, cookies, cake. .. I could go on, but I’m already drooling.
6. I hope to keep DJing as a hobby, but what I’d really like to do is go back to school for biotechnology. I’m not sure which aspect intrigues me more; environmental studies, health research or forensics. I can figure out that as I go. I do love working with cells and science though so I want to pursue a career path with that.
7. Lastly my birthday is in July which means my astrological sign is cancer. I’m a moody crab lol. The reason this is funny is because it’s true. I’m emotional and loyal. My friends and family come first. So when asked if I believe my horoscope I have to say yes.

Now I shall nominate the 15 blogs that I feel are versatile. And the nominees are;
1. EncouragingLife
2. MomentaryLapseofSanity
3. TonyBurgess1969
4. AFullnessinBrevity
5. OnTheHeath
6. TheGloriaSirens
7. NothingGildedNothingGained
8. GoodMusicSpeaks
9. Madstoffa’s Crunchy House
10. Elan Mudrow
11. GlitteringAfterthoughts
12. Strong Language
13. WritingStoriesRocks
14. DoubleU
15. Whole

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Thanks for reading,

~ The Incidental Scribe



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