Thank You My Love

Below is a poem I have been working on since February. I’m going to be entering it into a contest where the grand prize is to be published in a Valentine’s Day compilation for next February. I’ll get royalties from the book sales too, so I really want the poem to be perfect. So please as this is a work in progress I would love to hear your constructive criticism. Please note there are four stanzas, but for some odd reason wordpress is removing my spacing when I go to post. Thanks!

Thank You My Love

When you came into my life I was broken

My heart was a hollow shell cleaned out by my past

You took your time with me and went slow

While I kept fighting you, saying love never lasts

I felt worthless used and shattered

Why would you ever want to fall in love with me

With a gentle understanding you were there

Waiting until I could let your love set me free

Every moment spent with you was different

Showing me that I have never known love til now

The warmth of your sweet smile keeps me going

Your faith compelling me to never let you down

With every kind word, gesture and compliment

The hole grows smaller and smaller still

Every time you promise you’ll never leave or hurt me

I know deep within my soul that you never will

Kissing you is like drinking happiness

Being held by you I feel safe, calm and strong

Every moment spent by your side is important

Eternity with you doesn’t seem that long

We stand together through thick and thin

Always taking on the world side by side

As long as we are together we can accomplish anything

With you life is an adventure and one hell of a ride

I want to thank you for making me believe

That true love was out there and still real

I had almost given up and thrown in the towel

But you reminded me that I can still feel

So when the pages close on this chapter

When this world sadly we must part

I want you to know that I love you

Thank you for refilling my heart

~The Incidental Scribe



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