Speaking to My Soul

Music often speaks to me, but lately the song Try by Colbie Caillat has touched my soul. Now there have been many songs like this that have tried to lift insecure people’s spirits. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera for example fits right into this lyrical message. Yet I think that Try just moves me more based on it’s simplicity.

If you haven’t heard the song, I really recommend it. The basic message is you don’t have to be sexy, spend all your money and go to the extremes to make people like you. As long as you like you and can be yourself then the right people will like you. Colbie doesn’t say anyone else is bad for being different or try to make others feel bad either. It’s a simple message be you, like you.

The music is simple too. It’s not overly processed or filled with a million instruments. It’s a pretty melody with a soft beat, that is easy on the ears. Easy listening at its finest. Sometimes you just need a good simple ballad to sell the song for you.

The reason the song resonates with me is more personal. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) comes with some pretty hefty insecurities. There are times when I feel if I can’t make everybody like me then I’m worthless. I have gone and spent money on people to make them like me. I’ve changed my looks, given up my passions and basically would do anything to make sure people still liked me. I’ve come a long way since I’ve started therapy, but there is still a long way to go.

There is also a severe fear of abandonment with BPD. So I am constantly asking people to reassure me that they still like me and we are still friends. Which can drive some people away because they think I’m too needy. Yet as I work on learning to love myself and be okay with not having everyone like me or not worrying all the time that friends are going to walk out on me, it is songs like this that are helping me improve.

Listening to Try, I can take the message to heart. Love yourself, don’t try so hard to make others love you. Because you are actually really awesome and the people who matter see that with out you having to jump through hoops to prove it. So I wanted to say thank you to Colbie for releasing a song that speaks to my soul and is helping me through a huge emotional roller coaster right now.

To my friends and family that have stuck by me while I work on getting better. You rock and I love you all.

Try by Colbie Caillat

~ The Incidental Scribe



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