Sing a Song

One of my favorite nights of working is karaoke nights. I love hosting all the different brave singers and to sing myself. I took singing lessons in high school, but it wasn’t until recently I learned to love karaoke.

I used to perform in the chorus line for musicals. Group numbers are easier because the blend of voices masks any mistakes. I’d play sing star at home. I mean singing with close friends and by myself was never my problem. Get me on that stage by myself in a room full of strangers and I became instantly a nervous wreck.

My inner thoughts were I am horrible at this, everyone is judging me and I’m going to mess this song up. I would sing, but when I was done I’d hate it. After working the host job a few nights my boss, mentor and friend pulled me aside and told me his secret. “Karaoke is about fun. There are good singers and bad singers but when they step up to our mics they are all equals. All of them are brave enough to perform in front of strangers and sing the songs close to their hearts. So when you are singing don’t worry about if it’s good or bad just make sure you’re having fun and helping others have a great night.” That is a summary of what he said and maybe changed a little for creative license, but those words changed the way I looked at karaoke singing.

Now I’m delighted to get on stage every week and sing with some brave performers. I choose songs from my past, new ones I think are fun and songs that touch my soul. I sing along with my performers and dance along in my chair to their awesome song choices. If I mess up on the lyrics or rhythm I laugh about it and tell myself to work on it for the next time.

The difference is because I’m not worried about what others think of me and because I’m singing for myself I enjoy myself more. I choose songs I would normally refuse to sing because it’s complicated or I wasn’t 100% sure of how it goes. The result is either a really good song or a fun time filled with lots of laughs.

I want to thank all of my karaoke pals who have shared some happy songs and some sad ones with me. Who have bared their souls through song and have helped cure some of my insecurties. Music and singing has helped bring me through a rough couple of months and life now is looking up.

To those who are afraid to sing karaoke I urge you to give it a try. If you need a little liquid courage I won’t judge you. But I do tell you that sharing your song with others for yourself can be an amazing experience. So sing, sing a song.

~ The Incidental Scribe


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