A very true and honest message. Remember you’re not alone and all threats of this nature are serious. They should never be used for attention.

Saint Joan (Creative Studio)

POSSIBLE TRIGGER(≧∇≦)This post discusses suicide threats.

I happened on a post by a Presser who stated, “Need to end this all. This blog, this life, this everything. Nothing’s worth it.” I wrote in her comments in these exact words:

“I can’t believe you’re going to give up right now because you messed up? If you know you made some mistakes it means there’s a human being in there. Frustration means you’re right on target to a breakthrough. You need a hand? Ask for it! Everyone’s “hand” looks different but whatever you need, I trust that you do have the support you need to pull through. Get mad but by all means, get changed.”

What do I mean by get changed? Organically, there might be something that’s pulling you towards an outcome that’s good for your well being. Anger and frustration are internal mechanisms for focusing you away from counterproductive behaviors…

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  1. Thank you so much for reblogging this post. I hope that it reaches the people who feel they can’t go on anymore. Lots of heartfelt wishes of support and honest sharing came out in the comments. We all care. Lots of feelings were shared, and I didn’t know how many of my fellow Pressers had been through this dark passage. I appreciate your warm statement of encouragement. Warmest, SB.

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