Don’t Give Up On Me

Oh dear what is wrong with me
Why all of these insecurities
When will I truly be free
Go away doubts leave me be

What’s going on inside my mind
Forcing me to say yes I’m fine
Every day a struggle to balance the line
Fighting against myself all the time

I still have hope the sky will clear
I will be strong and conquer my fears
Through these stormy waters I shall steer
Just don’t give up on me my dear

~ The Incidental Scribe


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  1. Having not started I confidently state that I shall not give up on you either.



    Her heart, while sticking tongue out,
    leads a sheltered life,
    doesn’t drink, nor dance,
    Norfolk, it’s in her dreams.

    Shocked by lack of fidelity,
    still pure, as she has never…
    though the thought comes:
    Now free, pretty and young.

    Brother nudges open eyes,
    Confucian box blown open.
    Evident culture gap,
    yet she jumps his way.

    Cosmic bonding creates a further
    life, tantric self-love springs to
    relaxed life, freedom to be, to
    elongate burdensome boundaries.

    Will she head back to marry,
    deny uncoiling life, to prove
    obedience? Dry flowers yield,
    break mid-air as she walks.

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