Good-bye My Friend

George sat at the head of the bed propped up on the emerald, jersey cotton pillows. He was deep in thought about his life. ‘Am I happy? Is the way things going with Anna what I want? ‘ His thoughts were in his head, but they seemed to echo off the empty walls of the bedroom.

Boxes were stacked all over the floor. All of Anna and his possessions and memories packed away ready for the big move. His honey brown eyes were glossy and he tried not to cry. He didn’t want to leave, but she hadn’t given him a choice. She came rushing in the door one summer afternoon saying she had been accepted and they were moving to Boston to further her career prospects.

Her face was all a light, her blue eyes glowing with happiness, how could he tell her he didn’t want to go? They had been together ten years. He had always been the strong silent supporter for her dreams. All the nights letting her hold him while she cried and struggled to find her way in this world. Now he was expected just to accept her dreams were coming true and leave the only life he’s ever known.

His caramel hair was falling in his face and he knew his red bow tie was askew. That would drive her nuts, the first thing she would do when she walked through the door was straighten it. ‘Where are you Anna,’ she had been gone longer and longer these days and George wondered if she felt things had changed too? He sat there lost in thoughts he knew he shouldn’t be having.

‘I wonder if Cali is home?’ As soon as that thought crossed his mind he cursed himself. Cali was Anna’s younger sister. She was usually home these days and when she saw George Cali would have long conversations with him about her day. She also kept asking him to join her for tea sometime with her friends.  Anna had stopped introducing George to her friends a long time ago. He wasn’t attracted to Cali, but he thought maybe they could have a great friendship.

Time flew by and still George hadn’t moved. He was broken, lost and looking for an answer to all of his troubling thoughts. He would always love Anna, but was love enough? After what felt like an eternity he heard the front door open and close. He held his breath, but he was sure he heard Anna’s voice. Then after a brief moment he could have sworn he heard a male voice he didn’t recognize.

“The boxes are in here, but I want to introduce you to George.” Anna hollered as she was rushing towards their room. Through the door she came her blond hair reflecting the sunset like an angel. She gave him a big smile and as predicted straightened his bow tie. Then the strange man came through the door.

He was very tall, George felt like a small child sitting there. The stranger had black hair and dark eyes, George sighed inwardly. ‘At least she’s replaced me with someone tall, dark and handsome.’

” George, this is Clark, Clark say hello to George,” Anna requested politely. George loved that about her, no matter the situation Anna was always polite.

“Babes don’t make this anymore awkward then it has to be. Your dad grilled me over dinner and I just want to get this stuff packed and get going.” Clark said a bit harshly in George’s opinion. Don, Anna’s father had always been nice to him and a great guy. For this intruder to ignore him and insult Anna’s family really made George want to jump off the bed and punch him. Anna caught him off guard by pulling him into a huge hug right at that moment.

“Okay Clark, I know. George this isn’t easy, but you’re not going with me to Boston. We’ve all talked it over and though you’ll always be my first love well, I need to grow up and follow my dreams. Sadly you don’t fit in those plans. You wouldn’t like Boston anyways.” She was crying now, sobbing huge tears. Clark just rolled his eyes and grabbed the first box he saw and took off down the hall.

George couldn’t say anything, he did his best to hug her back and reassure her everything would be fine. He didn’t want to go to Boston anyways, things were working out how he had wanted right? Seeing her cry though was breaking his heart. He snuggled in as close as he could to help her calm down.

She pushed him away back on the bed and composed herself in an instant. “It will be okay you I’ll see. You get to stay here with my family and I’ll visit every chance I get. I know Cali has been asking you to go to tea. Would you like that George? Do you want to stay with Cali?”

George blushed, but Anna looked away so she didn’t notice. ‘How did she figure out my interest in Cali? Things have been heading towards this end for some time now, I just didn’t want to admit it.’ George looked at the door, Clark was back for another box and Cali had followed him. She was skipping trough the door, laughing and holding her arms out to him. George tried not to look at her and focused on Anna instead.

Anna smiled and hugged him again. “It’s okay George, Cali will treat you right. We will always have something special. Thanks for being a great friend. ” Anna pulled him in for one last hug. George was panicking, this was really the end and he couldn’t tell her how he felt or thank her for an amazing 10 years. All he could do was enjoy this last moment, this final hug of their relationship. He wanted to scream.

“Almost done with the boxes sexy, are you ready to go?” Clark asked interrupting the important last embrace. Cali was tapping her foot impatiently and singing songs to herself. This was the moment when George’s life was going to change forever.

“Ya, we’re coming back for the big stuff next weekend. Okay let’s start a new chapter of my life.” Anna stood up with George still in her arms, she walked across the room and placed him in Cali’s outstretched hands. With one last kiss on his forehead she whispered, “I’ll miss you my friend.” Then she took Clark’s arm and left the house as quickly as she could.

George still couldn’t believe what just happened, but he didn’t have time to think, because Cali was spinning him around the air in circles. “Oh George we are going to have so much fun. I’ll introduce you to Horsey, Miss Prissy Kitty, Myles and Sally. We’ll have tea parties and go dancing. Oh it will be awesome. ” Cali squealed with delight and George couldn’t help but smile.

Cali hugged him tight and ran towards her room. “You’re my Teddy Bear now,” she squealed again. George smiled and thought to himself, ‘So I am. Life is going to be good. Good luck Anna, I hope you achieve your dreams. I will always love you.’

“Now let’s have a tea party George.”


~ The Incidental Scribe


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