The Yearly Theme

Two years ago I discovered DJ Earworm and his annual mash up. For those unfamiliar with the term in music it means taking two or more songs and combining them to make a new song. What DJ Earworm did was take every number one pop hit from the year and turn them into one song.

Now surely you must be thinking, how can that be? Aren’t the tunes, lyrics and themes of songs so vastly different that it should be almost impossible to do this? The answer sadly is no. Every genre you’ll find a similar formula to what makes a song popular amongst it’s fans. I saw a video taking 6 of the most popular country songs since 2012 and the creator made them into one new and actually rather darn good country tune. What gets me about DJ Earworm’s work though, is that
the last two years his mash ups seem to fit a theme without meaning to.

In 2013 the top pop songs seemed to be about personal loss, sorrow and pain. Leaving a hauntingly beautiful mash up with beautiful melodies over a great beat. Women and men alike holding onto notes forever and pouring their hearts out in ragged, emotion filled lyrics. Were we that sad and hurting in 2013 that those were the songs that spoke to us? Or did the formula work once so the record reps kept hitting us with the same theme again and again? If that is the case then what occurred to make the feeling of pop music change drastically in 2014.

A new year a new sound, DJ Earworm’s 2014 mash up implies we moved on from feeling sorry for ourselves to no longer caring at all. The song themes are all about being yourself, living like you want to and partying it up cause who knows what tomorrow will bring.The beat is fast and bass driven. The singers with quick, short stanzas seem to plow through the lyrics without a care in the world. It’s the year of fun and excess. Such a dramatic switch from the year before. I’ve posted the videos below so you can see what I mean.

LYRICS – DJ Earworm Mashup – United State of Pop …:

OFFICIAL DJ Earworm Mashup – United State of Pop …:

So I sit here and wonder what will 2015’s theme be. Will the pop world stick to “I’m awesome and you’d better believe it,” songs like Bruno Mar’s Uptown Funk? Or is there another feeling in store for us? Will we use music to escape the chaos of life or embrace it with songs that remind us we are not alone?

In the end what matters about this year musically, is that you find a sound you like and rock out to it. Whether it’s pop, country, rock, rap or even heavy metal. Find a sound and make it yours. You don’t have to fit into the formula of one genre or even stick to one sound. Experiment with music and you may be surprised at what lies out there waiting to be heard.

~ The Incidental Scribe



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