You Don’t have to Fight for Your Right to Party

Published January 6, 2015 by Incidental Scribe

Everything seemed perfect the night was going fine
The dance floor was a little fuzzy from a couple drinks of wine
All they wanted was to do was have a good time
But as always someone had to cross the line

The bar was over crowded no space from the door
The music had them up and jumping on the floor
They had enough to drink but still they wanted more
Why did someone always feel like they had to settle a score

The vibe was utterly shattered by the violence of the fight
Friendships were ruined no more fun that night
Injuring people they didn’t know because they felt they had the right
Finally security gets the immature hoodlums out of mind and sight.

Time to fix the damage and bring the party back
Let the music make up for all the things the night lacked
Time for the DJ to work their magic and pick up the slack
To the brawlers and the angry ones we hope you don’t come back.


~ The Incidental Scribe


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