The Trouble with Resolutions

Most of us do it to ourselves every year. We make that New Year’s Resolution only to break it and our spirits when we don’t meet up with our standards. However, I am determined to break this vicious cycle this year by following a few simple rules that deal with the trouble of resolutions.

First off any resolution I make will have to be vauge. Everyone dooms themselves to failure by being so specific. Instead of saying I’m going to lose 30 pounds this year, try saying something like, “I’m going to eat better.” The vagueness of the statement makes it easier to achieve. Eating better for me could mean adding more vegatables to my diet, where as for you it might mean cutting out a glass of pop or a chocolate bar a day. When the resolution is vauge and covers a broad area it is easier to achieve.

Secondly I shall drop my standards. Every year we seem to set really high unrealistic resolutions for ourselves. Focusing on what society thinks we should be like instead of what we want ourselves. So I shall focus on something obtainable like complaining less instead of the unobtainable resolution like I’m going to be nicer to everyone. Because let’s face it, there are just some people you can’t be nicer to, no matter how hard you try. You can however stop yourself from complaining even if it’s just a little.
Lastly I feel a resolution should be something to make you feel good about yourself for achieving. Anyone can give up eating junk food, but will they be happy about the choice once they do? I feel a resolution should help you change yourself while still keeping you happy. So when I pick my resolution it has to make me feel good about myself once achieved.

So keeping those three rules in mind and searching my soul I have decided upon this year’s resolution. For 2015 I am going to take care of myself. This is vauge enough that it can mean anything from getting more sleep to standing up for myself. It is a resolution that I can easily achieve and is realistic. Also taking care of myself in any form will make me happy and feel like I’ve achieved something good this year. Some may say my resolution is a little self centered, but by taking care of myself I can help others better. So it’s a win win for all. Now I just have to do it. Fingers crossed I can stick to my resolution this year and I wish you good luck with yours as well.

Happy New Year from The Incidental Scribe.



  1. It’s very important to take care of yourself, so I hope you are successful with that resolution. Have a wonderful 2015, packed with beautiful memories, good health and love. 🙂

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