Christmas Miracles

It had been a long time since she believed in Santa. Every year since Christmas had become harder and harder on her. She wished, like her mother, that she had religion to fall back on, but growing up in her generation it seemed impossible to have blind faith.

So another Christmas was here with everyone telling her to be cheery and festive. She plastered on a fake smile and went through the motions, but inside she was screaming. “How can they all pretend like everything is amazing at this time of year? They drain their bank accounts buying junk that they don’t really need, eat and drink way too much and ignore all their personal problems that are waiting for them at home. I just don’t know how they aren’t all crazy by now?”

She got home after her office Christmas party and was just emotionally drained. Entering her empty apartment she turned on the lights and went to make a honey lemon tea in the small kitchen. She shook her head as she remembered her friend scolding her for not having a tree.First she couldn’t afford one and secondly she had no one to share it with so why should she bother?

Once the tea was ready she poured it in her favourite mug. She gripped the “I’m a good witch” saying on the handle tightly and walked cautiously to her bed room. After putting on a set of red and white stripped fleece pj’s she scrambled under the covers. She sat in the dimly lit bedroom enjoying the warming sensation of the drink. When it was finished she promptly drifted asleep. “Have a great Christmas Eve,” she murmured to the shadows.

A few hours later there was a huge crashing noise in her living room. She jumped out of bed and grabbed the heavy wooden bat she kept by the bed. Sneaking down the hallway she braced herself to face the intruder.As she jumped around the corner she was dazzled by bright twinkling lights.

In the corner was a fully decorated tree and underneath it was her Mom. “Hi Honey, I’m sorry I knocked your silly candles off the coffee table. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Mom, I know you have a key, but what are you doing here?” She asked, still a little dazed that her mother was in her living room under a Christmas Tree at 4 o’clock in the morning on Christmas.

“Well, your Dad and I know the Holidays have been hard on you, especially since that asshole walked out on you two years ago and well we wanted to try to make this one better for you. Dad is out in the car grabbing all our gifts. I brought our tree here and the stuff to do dinner. I invited your sister and the boys here instead and we’re all going to celebrate together. ” Her Mother beamed up at her from the floor.

She just couldn’t take it and burst into tears on the spot. Her Mom was up in a flash and hugging her. “It’s okay Honey, just let your worries slide for one day and let me take care of you like I used to. We love you.”

“I love you too. I just didn’t expect this at all. ” She hugged her Mom back as hard as she could.

“You know baby girl, Christmas miracles come in many shapes and forms. Now let’s go help out your poor Father. ” Her Mom headed for the front door.

She went to grab her coat and smiled. It was going to be a Merry Christmas after all.


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